Improvements in cone mills for scouring or pearling rice or other cereals


299,570. Raeburn, C., and Simon, Ltd., H. Sept. 10, 1927. Scouring; hulling, husking, and decorticating. -The wire cloth or like surface a against which rice or other cereal works during abrasion and scouring by an abrasive cone e is supported and spaced from the machine casing b by wood or like bars c that form division pieces dividing the space between the wire cloth and the casing into compartments closed at their upper end but opening at their lower end into a common annular chamber d. The meal or bran is drawn into this chamber by high velocity air currents drawn or forced through the machine so that they cool the abrasive core and the material. The air passes through the wire cloth, the annular chamber d, and one or more tangential delivery connections f leading to a fan and if desired through a cyclone or other exhauster. The chamber d may be, as shown, of volute form having an area increasing towards its delivery end. The chamber d may be divided into two or more compartments each with its tangential branch. A regulated flow of air may be admitted thereto at a point remote from its delivery end to facilitate the discharge of bran and meal from the chamber.




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