A combined spring shank and arch support


300,797. Riley, F., Riley, H., and Riley, Ltd., F. Nov. 24, 1927. Foot - arch supports.-A combined spring shank and arch support adapted to absorb shock and to permit the pressure of the foot to be applied gently on the arch support, comprises an arched plate or arch support proper 1 and an arched strip of spring material 2 of different curvature secured thereto at one end and capable of sliding movement on the plate at the other end. The strip 2 may project above or below the arch support 1, which may be slotted, and the free end of the strip 2 may be slightly upturned to reduce friction, or it may be guided in a housing or .recess or other guide formed in or attached to the plate 1. The device may be built into a shoe or arranged in the interior thereof in contact with the foot, and may be provided with holes such as 8, 9, 10, 11 to secure the device in position and prevent relative displacement between the two parts.




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