Apparatus for bending type levers or other levers for type-writing and similar machines


302,925. Rheinische Metatllwaaren - und Maschinenfabrik S÷mmerda Akt.-Ges. Dec. 23, 1927, [Convention date]. Types.-In the formation of a bend in a typelever or the like, the type-lever is arranged between stationary jaws and is bent by means of an attached bar provided on the outer end with means for indicating the inclination of the bend and the correct position of the bend in the vertical plane. The apparatus shown in the Figure is provided with a clamp a for the type-lever f, and with a pair of jaws c, c<1> for engaging the type-lever near the bend, a bending-bar e provided with a handle h being secured by a clamp g<1>, g<2> to the end of the type-lever. The bending- bar is provided with a gauge i which is arranged within the arcuate rim b of the apparatus and carries a pointer k for reading graduations on the rim. The graduations extend to twenty-two on both sides of zero and indicate the different bends of a set of forty-five type-levers. The correct position of the bend in the vertical-plane is indicated when the gauge i is flush with the rim b. The type-lever after being bent is ready for assembly without further adjustment.




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