Improvements in and connected with electric globe holders

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Alexander Mckellar
  • Publication Date: February 07, 1929
  • Publication Number: GB-305348-A


305,348. McKellar, A. Dec. 31, 1927. Mounting globes directly on rods or tubes.-A carrier for an electric lamp globe or shade is formed of springy material, and has part circular portions C with internal flanges or teeth E on their upper and lower edges, and raised end portions C<1>. The teeth E engage the threaded portion of the holder, from which they may be disengaged by pressure on the ends C', causing the portions C to spread outwardly. Tongs may be provided for engaging the end parts C<1> in cases where the neck of the globe is too restricted to allow them to be gripped with the fingers.




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