Improvements in or relating to coating compositions

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: British Celanese
  • Publication Date: February 20, 1930
  • Publication Number: GB-307292-A


307,292. British Celanese, Ltd., (Assignees of Moss, W. H.). March 3, 1928, [Convention date]. Void [Published under Sect, 91 of the Acts]. Lacquers &c. are prepared by incorporating one or more cellulose derivatives, such as cellulose nitrate, or preferably organic esters and ethers, e.g. cellulose acetate, formate, &c., methyl, ethyl, or benzyl cellulose, one or more natural or semisynthetic resins, such as manila, accaroid, pontianak, kauri, dammar, rosin or shellac or an ester gum, such as the glyceryl ester of rosin, plasticizers, such as diethyl phthalate, tricresyl phosphate, triphenyl phosphate, amides, such as monomethyl toluenesulphonamide, triacetin, diphenylol propane, thiocarbanilide, &c., and a volatile solvent, for example ethyl acetate, ethyl lactate, tetrachlorethane, benzyl alcohol, diacetone alcohol, acetone, alcohol, benzene, or ethylene dichloride. Suitable pigments or dyes may also be added.




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