Improvements in or relating to vehicle couplings

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Jesus De Vega
  • Publication Date: April 11, 1929
  • Publication Number: GB-309356-A


309,356. Vega, J. de. July 12, 1928, Couplings, non-automatic; draw-gear.-A drawbar coupling for rail and road vehicles, particularly adapted for use between a tractor and trailer, comprises a bar 3 slidably mounted in a guide-member 11 on one vehicle and connected by means of a universal joint 10 to a second bar 14, which is pivoted on the other vehicle so as to be capable of lateral displacement thereon under the influence of operating cables or the like 15 and may be carried by a guide-member identical with the guide-member 11. In the construction shown the guide-member 11 is of U-shape, and the sliding movements of the bar 3 are controlled by springs 5 arranged between a collar 4 on the bar and a bridge-piece and the end of the guidemember. Both the guide-member 11 and the bar 14 are pivotally mounted on transverse beams 6, 12 having stub-shafts 8, 18 whereby they are revolubly supported in bearings on the ends of the vehicles.




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