Improvements in or relating to gramophones and the like


311,302. Walter, C. M., Marsh. R. G., and Charles, W. J. Feb. 6, 1928. Electric pick-ups, mounting and supporting.-Consists in a mounting or support for an electric gramophone pick.up, comprising in combination a carrier on which the pick-up is mounted, and a guide therefor along which the carrier and pick-up can travel radially across the record during sound - reproduction, the mounting being such that the pick-up is free to be rocked in a plane at right angles to its line of travel. In the construction shown in Figs. 1 and 2, an arm 1 of aluminium or the like is fixed so as to extend over the turntable parallel to a radius of the record. Rollers 6, 7 are mounted in brackets 4, 5, the bracket 4 being fixed directly on the arm 1 and the bracket 5 insulated therefrom. The pick-up 8 is attached to a lug 9 which has at one end a disc 10 clamped between discs 11, 12 and insulated from the latter. The discs 11, 12 are secured to rods 13, 13' respectively, which are in exact alignment, and rest on the rollers 6, 7. To avoid the use of long electrical leads, connection is made to the pick-up from terminals 19, 22 through the rods 13, 13<1>, the terminal 19 and the connections therefrom (including the. rod 13) being earthed, while the terminal 22 and its connections to the pick-up through the rod 13<1> are all insulated. The mounting of the pick-up not only permits it to travel so that the stylus moves truly radially across the record, but also enables it to be swung about the axis of the supporting rods, for changing the needle and to allow for the slight up and down movements occurring during playing. Fig. 4 shows a simpler construction, in which a carriage 25 for the pickup 8 is mounted on rollers 26 which travel along a fixed rod 23. Flexible leads are in this case taken from the pick-up. A modification of the arrangement shown in Fig. 4 is described in which the fixed rod is divided into two parts, the outer one being insulated from the other. The parts of the rod serve as current leads. A further construction, similar in general arrangement to that shown in Fig. 1, is described, in which the fixed arm and the lug carrying the pick-up are both made of moulded insulating material. The adjacent ends of the aligned rods are moulded into the carrier lug, and are connected by internal leads to the pick-up, while leads from the rollersupporting brackets pass inside the fixed arms to terminals near its base.




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