Improvements in apparatus for curling and/or de-curling yarns


311,750. Micklethwaite, B. D. Feb. 16, 1928. Yarns, curling.-Apparatus for curling and de-curling yarns com- 'prises a frame a rotatable about a horizontal axis and having mounted therein a bobbin d, of the yarn or the like to be curled, rotatable about an axis at right angles to that of the frame, a tube c<1> at the front end of the frame a carrying, at its end farthest from the bobbin d, adjustable tension jaws through which the yarns to be curled pass to a pair of draw rollers v, v<1> rotated at a speed suitably lower than that of rotation of the bobbin d. The yarn is then wound on a swift w. A helical guide member k, Fig. 3, having end rings k<2> with radial slots for entry of the yarn, is arranged in the tube c<1> to prevent the curl from passing back to the bobbin. The tension is effected by spring plungers n, n<1> having end thimbles p, p<1>. A cap r having inner cam surfaces bearing against the thimbles is used to adjust the tension, a spring plunger s, engaging indentations in the cap, locking the latter in its set position. The drive of the machine is effected from the shaft h, a clutch member j, by engaging either of the pinions i, i' providing curling or de-curling. In starting the machine, the yarn is threaded through the tube c<1> and the rollers v, v<1> the latter roller being lifted temporarily by a hand lever so that a twist may be put into the untwisted end before winding commences. A series of curling spindles and draw rollers may be included in one machine.




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