Improvements in or relating to grates and the like for domestic purposes


314,692. Kempton, C. H., and Bissell, W. July 20, 1928. Open fireplaces; grates; lighting fires.-A fireplace burning coke or similar fuel is provided with a gas burner v<2> for igniting the fuel, having outlets v<3> adjacent the front and a short distance above the bottom, and arranged to direct the jets downwardly and rearwardly; together with a damper-controlled auxiliary flue p the lower end of which communicates with the fire immediately above the flue support to cause a substantially horizontal draught through the lower part of the fuel. The gas burner shown is formed by a hollow member connecting the detachable front grate side standards v. In the modification shown in Fig. 4, the mixing-tube v<2> forms the top cross member of the front grate, and is provided with depending nozzles v<3> forming front bars. Alternatively, the mixing tube may be separate from the front grate. The trough-form grate bottom is formed of imperforate inclined refractory slabs with an air supply and ash-dumping space i between them, controlled by a hinged plate j operated, through a lever k, rod l, and bell-crank lever m, from a push-rod n The bottom fuel support may alternatively be formed as a grating of separate or integrally cast bars, beneath which is a flat horizontally reciprocable plate which may function as a damper and is provided with cleaning prongs extending up between the grate bars. A sliding or pivoted damper t controls the upper end of the rear flue p.




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