Improvements in intaglio printing machines

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Hoe & Co R
  • Publication Date: July 18, 1929
  • Publication Number: GB-315587-A


315,587. Hoe & Co., Ltd., R., (Hoe & Co., Inc., R.). July 31, 1928. Inking - apparatus. - In a rotary intaglio printing - machine, the printing-cylinder 6 is mounted in stationary closed bearings, such as the bearings 7<1> and closing caps 7<2>, and runs in a pivoted ink fountain 17 provided with means for swinging it to and from the cylinder and for automatically locking it in any adjusted position. The fountain 17 is mounted on pivots 24 and connected by a link 29 to one arm 30 of a bell-crank lever, the other arm 34 of which carries a roller 35 engaging a worm 37 operable by a handle 40. The pitch of the worm is such that the fountain is securely held in any position of adjustment. The fountain is provided with a rounded bottom and a sharply inclined wall and may be fitted with a draining cock. Specification 278,947 is referred to.




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