Improvements in means for affixing sealing caps to bottles and like containers


316,375. Wallis, H. C., and Ginzler, F. G. June 5, 1928. Capsules, " crown corks," and the like, applying.-Metal sealing caps, with a lining of cork, paper &c., are applied to bottles &c. by a device comprising a casing h within which slides a plunger i having projecting wedges l adapted to engage holes in segments p and force them radially inwards. The plunger and segments are returned by springs n, q. The plunger i may be connected, by a ball joint k<1> to a plunger reciprocated by a hand lever or the bottle to be sealed may be moved by a treadle &c. while the plunger i is fixed. In another modification, the bottles &c. are carried by a table rotated by hand or automatically. The casing has a flared mouth h<3> and a fixed diaphragm m with guide holes for the wedges l and a recess with a rubber millboard &c. pad o to receive the cap and bottle mouth.




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