Improvements in and relating to glass and to means for applying permanent indications, ornaments, designs or the like thereto

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: William Henry Steele
  • Publication Date: August 22, 1929
  • Publication Number: GB-317587-A


317,587. Steele, W. H. June, 28, 1928. Ornamenting.-Relates to plate, sheet, or other g1ass of the kind having ornamental or other designs, which are produced by photography, printing, or otherwise on a coating or sheet of gelatine, and consists in applying the designs to the gelatine coating before the gelatine is applied to the glass. The design may be applied by means of a photographic transfer, or by means of the Bromoil process, one bromide print being utilized to produce several impressions by being suitably oiled between impressions. A protective coating of paint, bronze powder, or cellulose solution may be applied to the gelatine. Two glasses, - each having a gelatine coating, bearing a design, may be combined together, the gelatine surfaces being placed in contact. The process may be applied to glass having a curved formation or an uneven thickness, and is suitable for ornamenting glass table-tops, trays, windows, facias, &c.




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