Shaft packing


318,775. English Electric Co., Ltd., and Thomas, W. D. J. Oct. 15, 1928. Stuffing-boxes, substitutes for; draining.-A packing, which is especially applicable for an hydraulic turbine, comprises a ring 1, of rubber or the like, clamped on to the shaft by rings 4 and preferably channelled to engage a collar 5 on the shaft. The ring is provided with a, flange 3. on which metal facings 6 of L-section are clamped, the facings engaging antifriction surfaces 10, 12 on the end wall 9 of the turbine casing and in a cap 11. The cap is secured to the wall 9 in such a manner as to compress the flange 3, and is supplied with water or other cooling lubricant by a pipe 14, leakage being removed by a pipe 15.




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