Improvements in balanced rudders for ships

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Hans Hass
  • Publication Date: September 04, 1930
  • Publication Number: GB-319334-A


319,334. Hass, H. Sept. 20, 1928, [Convention date]. Ships' rudders.-Balanced rudders for use with closed stern frames are divided from top to bottom. The connection between the parts is effected substantially by the bearing bodies by which the rudder is journaled on the rudder post. A casting 5, Figs. 1 and 2, has secured thereto the two parts 3<a>, 3<b> and has a forked piece enclosing the rudder post and carrying the split brasses 6, 7. The bearings are held by an end piece 8 and are adjusted by cotters. The after end of the plating is stiffened by plates 11 and angles 12. A rod 18 is secured at 16 to the casting and is connected to the rudder shaft 17. In a modification the brasses are split in the longitudinal plane and the parts are constituted by port and starboard plating secured to the fork casting. The Specification as open to inspection under Sect. 91 (3) (a) comprises also the complete rudder which may be divided longitudinally, the plating 3<a>, 3b, Fig. 7 (Cancelled), being secured to central plates 24, 25, respectively, which are connected by studs and carry the half brasses 32, 33. With transverse division of the parts the front and rear parts 3<b>, 3a, Fig. 9 (Cancelled) are secured together by hook-shaped parts 34, 35 carried by channel members 36, 37 which also support the half brasses. This subject-matter does not appear in the Specification as accepted.




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