Lubricating mechanism for rotary valves

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Joseph Emil Moravec
  • Publication Date: April 11, 1930
  • Publication Number: GB-327743-A


327,743. Moravec, J. E. Oct. 11, 1928. Channels in valves.-In a valve for internal-combustion engines comprising a number of sections mounted on a rotary shaft, lubrication of the bearing surfaces is effected by oil forced through the shaft and valve sections in a staggered path which does not conflict with the fuel inlets. Each valve section 12 has reduced extensions 13, formed with projections 14 and recesses 15 engaging with corresponding parts on the adjacent extensions, and the reduced extensions rotate in bearings 16 formed with inner bushes 21. The extensions 13 have axial channels 28 and diametral holes 34 adjacent the end faces of the valve sections co-operating with annular channels 33 formed by cups 30 independently mounted on the extensions 13. The annular channels are continuously in register with longitudinal channels 35 in the valve sections, spaced apart from the fuel inlets 7. On reaching a valve section oil is deflected radially outwards, and after passage through a longitudinal channel 35 is directed inwardly to a central channel 28 from which it reaches the bearing surfaces by radial holes 22<c>. The circuit of the oil is completed by axial passages in stub shafts 22 communicating with oil chambers 37, and inlet and outlet pipes 43, 44 through which the oil is forced by a pump 40 from a sump 41.




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