Improvements in and relating to reflector signs


331,629. Du Vallon, G. C. D. de J., and Jago, E. G. May 6, 1929. Signs. - A reflector sign is built up of a series of inclined overlapping reflecting strips arranged behind a stencil and supported at the edges so as to exclude dust and moisture. As shown in Fig. 4, the sign comprises a front glass sheet a, on which opaque letters are formed, and a reflector h made up of a plurality of strips of silvered glass supported at the ends by stepped supports i, k, composed of sheet metal, rubber or other elastic material, said strips being disposed horizontally, vertically or inclined. The stencil a, reflector h and backing are mounted in a U-section frame b. According to a modification wherein the sign is adapted to be viewed from both sides, two reflectors composed of prismatic strips, having inclined internal reflecting surfaces, are placed back to back and each reflector provided with a stencil. Specification 302,703 is referred to.




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