Improvements in or relating to the electrical transmission and reception of pictures and other representations

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Otho Fulton
  • Publication Date: August 13, 1930
  • Publication Number: GB-333522-A


333,522. Fulton, O. Feb. 13, 1929. Copying-telegraphs. -A copying-telegraph. receiver comprises a picture-tracing device 22 and a record-cutting device 21 and means for operating either from the received signals at will. Two rotating drums 10 co-operate respectively with the devices 21, 22 and a switch 25 connects the signals to either or both devices. By connecting the devices in parallel by the switch a picture may be produced on the lower drum corresponding to the recorded signals on the upper drum. According to a modification, a single drum is used, and the devices 21, 22 are mounted on a carrier so arranged that either device can be brought into operation (Fig. 1, not. shown).




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