Improvements in agricultural seed drills

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Walter Vawser Whittome
  • Publication Date: September 04, 1930
  • Publication Number: GB-334358-A


334,358. Whittome, W. V. Aug. 9, 1929. Seed drills.-A rotary seed drill comprises an inner drum containing a seed receptacle and connected to an outer rim by hollow spokes through which the seed is delivered. The inner drum 14, Fig. 2, rotates on a stub shaft 6 pivotally connected by arms 9 to a coulter bar 4. Seed passes from a seed box 1, Fig. 1. through a flexible pipe 24 to a funnel 23, with the bottom opening of which tubular spokes 16 register successively as the drum rotates. The spokes project through the outer rim 17 or the rim is formed with projections 19 which correspond to the spokes, and the projections 19 or the outer ends of the spokes are fitted with pivoted valves, which open automatically to allow the passage of seed into the hollows which the projections make in the ground by contact therewith. The projections 19 are curved rearwardly to facilitate delivery of the seed. The closing member of each valve mav be formed as shown in Fig. 4 with a head 31, adapted to close the aperture in the projection 19, and a tail piece 32,the parts being so weighted that the valve is normally closed but is opened by contact of the tail piece with the ground. Reference is made to an alternative construction in which the valves comprise shutters operated by connecting rods and a cam oil the shaft 6. Fig. 1 shows an arrangement with four drills which can be adjusted transversely on the bar 4.




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