Improvements in apparatus for copying photographs

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Eugen Kisch
  • Publication Date: October 30, 1930
  • Publication Number: GB-337223-A


337,223. Kisch, E. Dec. 11, 1928, [Convention date]. Printing-apparatus with continuous movement of negative and printed surface; continuous apparatus for developing and finishing.-In an apparatus for copying photographs, means for introducing a developed negative film into the apparatus, bringing it in front of a piece of sensitive material, and for exposing, developing, fixing and washing the sensitive material, are automatically operated by a coin-freed motor. In one form, the negative film is inserted into the slot 2. The insertion of a coin into the slot 4 starts the motor 10 through the time switch 9. The motor actuates the guillotine 18 through the camoperated lever 15, cutting off a length of positive film from the roll 21, and drives the various feed rollers. The negative and positive films are brought together and fed by the endless band 26 past an arched wall 27 having a printing-aperture 32 illuminated by the lamp 33. The width of the aperture 32 may be adjusted by a diaphragm com. prising strips having their ends eccentrically secured to a pair of discs which may be turned from outside the casing 1 to effect the adjustment. The negative film is then separated from the positive film and ejected through the shoot 37. The positive film is fed by rollers 38 through developing baths 39, past a drying apparatus, and is ejected at the shoot 41.




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