Improvements in floor-protecting terminals for furniture legs


338,646. Schmidt, J. P. Sept. 18, 1929. Tips.-A floor-protecting attachment for furniture legs consists of a frusto-conical rubber pad b, increasing in diameter from the leg downwards, and a correspondingly shaped metal shoe a fitting snugly on the pad and enclosing it. The resilient pad b is secured to the leg e by a beaded element d about the head of which it is capable of oscillating. A metal cap c on the leg may rest on the pad b. In a modification, the fastening element is provided with a domed washer having a large flange engaging the pad b. Fig. 3 shows the pad and the head of the fastening element engaged by a pair of nested annular shells i, g<1> capable of relative displacement. The shell i bears against a cap k on the shoe a and is flanged for engagement with the cap c. The conical flange on the plate a may be attached to it by having an inturned edge engaging in a circumferential groove in the plate, and the sides of the washer for the fastening element may be substantially parallel to those of the shoe a.




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