Improvements in burners for heavy oils and the like fuels

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Alfred Lanser
  • Publication Date: January 08, 1931
  • Publication Number: GB-340858-A


340,858. Spray burners. LANSER A., Corseaux, Vevey, Switzerland. Feb. 27, 1930, No. 6559. [Class 75 (i).] A heavy oil burner comprises a fuel atomizer 2 surrounded by a perforated cup-shaped or conical deflector 3 and arranged in a nozzle 1 which encloses a second nozzle 4 and is fed with combustion air by a fan or blower. The flame starts at a short distance from the atomizing nozzle and is slightly throttled by the nozzles which are cooled by the air passing through the annular space O. The atomizer is arranged at a distance from the discharge orifice of the nozzles equal to the diameter d<1> of the nozzle. The deflector 3 is formed with two series of orifices a<12>, a<13> and with tubular projections a<11> arranged tangentially to the atomizer 2. A tube 5 catches fuel dropping from the atomizer and conveys it to a well 5<a> in the nozzle.




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