Extensible bracelet

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Ott Erwin
  • Publication Date: January 15, 1931
  • Publication Number: GB-341356-A


341,356. Bracelets. OTT, E., 22, Durlacherstrasse, Pforzheim, Germany. April 14, 1930, No. 11765. [Class 43.] In expansible bracelets having one or more extensible elements linked up in the bracelet, an extensible link is formed from boxes b, c, slidably guided one within the other and having at least one pressure spring d, h, mounted in each box. The spring d pushes the boxes b, c, themselves one into the other, and the spring h pushes into the box c the end of the band g forming the main body of the bracelet. For use with a wristlet watch, an outer box b may be linked on each side of a watchcase a with the bracelet body g forming a single closed band, or a double extensible link may divide the bracelet body in two parts directly linked to the watch. The spring d is stronger than the spring h, so that the latter only is brought into action when adapting for differing arm widths, and the total extension is used only when the bracelet is slipped over the hand. The springs may be mounted above or below or around the slidable parts, and the boxes may be constructed of tubular closed bodies or of guide parts.




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