Improvements in and relating to apparatus for burning pulverised fuel


342,905. Pulverulent-fuel burners; furnaces. McKEAN, J. G., Westerhill, Mount Vernon, Lanarkshire, and JONES, R. F., 239, Auldhouse Road, Newlands, Glasgow. Feb. 12, 1930, No. 4703. [Class 75 (i).] In a powdered-fuel burner having whirling vanes 6, 9 in an inner conduit 4 for a fuel and air mixture, and an outer conduit 1 for air, the vanes are independently adjustable axially in relation to the delivery end of the fuel conduit. In the construction shown the conduit 4 projects through the conduit 1 and can be adjusted axially therein, but the outer end of the conduit 1 may be closed, and the fuel air mixture is then supplied through the side connection 17 shown in broken lines. The vanes are adjusted by rods 7, 10, and set screws 5, 8, 11 are provided for holding the various parts in position after adjustment. The vanes 6, 9 may be set to produce oppositely whirling streams, and an additional set of vanes 13 adjustable by a sleeve 14 may be provided in the inner conduit. Pulverulent-fuel furnaces.-In Fig. 2 the burner is shown applied to a boiler furnace consisting of a vertical chamber having a downwardly tapering portion below the burner, and a constricted throat portion 20 above. The floor slopes to an air inlet 18.




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