An improvement in and relating to pocket and other cases for receiving cigarette ash and other waste


343,801. Smokers' ash &c. receptacles. BISHOP, D. R., 56, Shirehall Park, Hendon, London, and HAMILTON, D., 5, Maurice Road, Milton, Portsmouth. April 4, 1930, No. 10692. [Class 130.] A receptacle for cigarette ash and other waste and for extinguishing cigarette ends comprises two oblong containers 1, 2, one being slidable within the other against a compression spring 6 to bring holes 3, 4 into register to admit ash &c. The inner container 2 has a hinged end 5 for emptying, and the grooved upper surface of the outer container serves as a cigarette rest. The device is portable or may be attached to a cigarette case or lighter or mounted in a car or building.




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