• Inventors:
  • Assignees: Hugo Schneebeli
  • Publication Date: February 23, 1931
  • Publication Number: GB-344004-A


344,004. Multiple-way valves; closure members. SCHNEEBELI, H., 11, Rue de Becon, Courbevoie, Seine, France. Nov. 21, 1929, No. 35661. Convention date, Nov. 21, 1928. [Class 135.] The admission of fuel to the atomizing chamber 11 of a carburettor is controlled by a doublebeat valve comprising a needle valve 5 adjustably mounted in a sleeve 6 which forms the second valve closure member, and closes against a conical seating 10 in the shut-down position. The valve 5, the stem of which is screwed into the sleeve 6, is initially adjusted by an external knob 7, the valves 5, 6 then operating together. Admission of air to the fuel occurs through apertures 14, which are controlled by a sleeve 16 secured on the outer end of a sleeve 6, which is screwed into the body 3 at 6a ; rotation of the sleeves thus causes longitudinal movement and simultaneous control of the fuel and air inlets.




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