Semiconductor light-emitting element and manufacturing method thereof



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve light extraction efficiency further in a semiconductor light-emitting element formed by laminating at least an n-type semiconductor layer, a luminous layer, and a p-type semiconductor layer successively onto a light-transmitting substrate. <P>SOLUTION: Laser beams are applied to a light-transmitting substrate 72 for reforming the substrate 72, and a first layer 78a having a different refractive index with a long period A and a second layer 78b having a different refractive index with a short period B that are both columnar are formed by superposedly beried therein. The periods A, B are set to be the combination of the long period A that is at least five times larger than a wavelength λ, where transmittance becomes high at a region in which an incidence angle θ to an emission surface is relatively deep with the short period B that is five times larger than the wavelength λ or less, where the transmittance becomes high at a region in which the incidence angle θ is relatively deep, thus improving the light extraction efficiency by diffraction even to all incidence angles θ, and improving the light extraction efficiency as compared with a general λ/4 irregular structure. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】 透光性を有する基板上に、少なくともn型半導体層、発光層、p型半導体層を順次積層して成る半導体発光素子において、光取出し効率を一層向上する。 【解決手段】 透光性の基板72内に、該基板72をレーザ照射で改質して、共に柱状で、長周期Aの第1の異屈折率層78aと、短周期Bの第2の異屈折率層78bとを重畳して埋込み形成する。そして、その周期A,Bを、出射面への入射角θが比較的深い領域での透過率が高くなる波長λの5倍よりも大きな長周期Aと、前記入射角θが比較的深い領域での透過率が高くなる前記波長λの5倍以下の短周期Bとの組合わせとする。これによって、あらゆる入射角θに対しても、回折による光取出し効率が向上し、一般的なλ/4の凹凸構造に比べて、光取出し効率を向上することができる。 【選択図】 図1




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