Light collecting device with ventilating function



【課題】 採光過程での側壁の反射板によるエネルギーロスと集熱体による換気時の光量の不足を改善した換気機能付き採光装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 透明な平板状のガラスからなる上部採光壁3で上側を、透明で外面が平面で内側の面が階段状をした側部採光壁4で側方を、上下2段重ねで光を分散する分散体を構成する第一分散レンズ5及び第二分散レンズ9で下側を、それぞれ構成して透明筒状体の集光ダクト23を成し建物の屋根の開口部を覆う。上部採光壁3及び側部採光壁4からの入射光が側部採光壁4の内側では全反射されるので、屋根の開口部以上の面積が受ける太陽光を屋内に取り込むことが出来る。また、帯状で大気の通過を妨げない熱吸収体からなる収熱帯を集光ダクト23の内部へと出し入れする量を調節出来るようにしたので、採光量と換気量の調節が出来る。 【選択図】 図2
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a light collecting device with a ventilating function wherein an insufficient quantity of light due to a light collecting body at the time when ventilating the air and energy loss by the reflector of a side wall in a light collecting process are improved. SOLUTION: An upper light collecting wall 3 comprising transparent flat glass constitutes the upper side of this light collecting device, a transparent side light collecting wall 4 the outer surface of which is a plane and the inside surface of which is stepped constitutes its side part, and a first dispersing lens 5 and a second dispersing lens 9 composing a dispersing body to disperse light by vertically superimposing them in two stages constitute its lower side severally in order to form the condensing duct 23 of a transparent cylindrical body, and the roof of a building is covered with this condensing duct. Since light entering from the upper light collecting wall 3 and the side light collecting wall 4 is totally reflected in the inside of the side light collecting wall 4, sunlight which an area larger than the opening part of the roof receives can be taken into the interior of the building. In addition, since the amount of a heat collecting belt taking in and out to and from the inside of the condensing duct 23 and comprising a belt-like heat absorber which does not hamper the passage of the air is made adjustable, the collected amount of light and the ventilated amount of the air can be adjusted. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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