System and method of speech recognition, and program therefor



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a system and method for speech recognition capable of looking down at a result of a speech recognition to two or more utterances included in a comparatively long input speech data, and to provide a program therefor. <P>SOLUTION: The system for speech recognition comprises: a speech input means 110 for inputting a speech data; a speech recognition means 120 for receiving the input speech data from the speech input means to perform speech recognition; a speech recognition evaluating means 140 for obtaining a priority to a result of the speech recognition by the speech recognition means and/or each part constituting the recognition result; a storage means 130 for storing the recognition result and the priority; a recognition result rectifying means 150 for judging display/non-display of the recognition result and/or each part constituting the recognition result following the priority, and creating output information; and an output means 160 for outputting the output information. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】比較的長い入力音声データに含まれる複数の発話に対する音声認識結果を俯瞰することのできる音声認識システムと方法並びにプログラムの提供。 【解決手段】音声データを入力する音声入力手段110と、音声入力手段より入力音声データを受け音声認識を行う音声認識手段120と、音声認識手段で音声認識された認識結果及び/又は前記認識結果を構成する各部位に対して優先度を求める認識結果評価手段140と、前記認識結果と前記優先度とを記憶する記憶手段130と、前記優先度に従い、前記認識結果及び/又は前記認識結果を構成する各部位の表示/非表示を判定し出力情報を作成する認識結果整形手段150と、前記出力情報を出力する出力手段160と、を備える。 【選択図】図1




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