Fishing sinker and lure terminal tackle



【課題】従来の釣り用錘が有する問題点を解消し、魚から錘を目立ち難くして魚に警戒心を抱かせ難くすることで釣果をより大きくできるようにする。 【解決手段】釣り用仕掛けに用いられる錘30であって、高比重材料からなる錘本体32と、錘本体に一体化されてなり、多数の柔軟な線材42が錘本体32の外方に放射状に延びる房状体40と、錘本体32を釣り用仕掛けに取り付ける取付部34、36とを備える。房状体40が錘本体32の周囲を覆って目立ち難くする。水中で房状体40が揺らいだり不規則に運動したりして魚を誘引する。房状体40が一体化された錘30を取り付けるだけで仕掛けを簡単に作ることができる。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To eliminate problems of a conventional fishing sinker and to improve fishing result by making a sinker hardly visible from fishes and making fishes hardly cautious. SOLUTION: The sinker 30 useful for a fishing terminal tackle is equipped with a sinker body 32 composed of a high-specific-gravity material, a tuft-like body 40 that is integrated with the sinker body and has a large number of flexible wires 42 radially extended outward from the sinker body 32 and fixation parts 34 and 36 for fixing the sinker body 32 on the fishing terminal tackle. The tuft-like body 40 covers the circumference of the sinker body 32 and makes the sinker hardly visible. The tuft-like body 40 swings or irregularly moves in water to attract fishes. The terminal tackle is simply made only by attaching the sinker 30 integrated with the tuft-like body 40 to a terminal tackle. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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