Corrugated cardboard-made housing box of bottles



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a corrugated cardboard-made housing box of bottles which is composed of a sheet of a corrugated cardboard, has a simple structure, is easily set to the housing box, enables an easy filling of the bottles, and has a support plate assuring that the housed bottle is not broken even if the box drops in any direction. <P>SOLUTION: The corrugated cardboard-made housing box of the bottles has a sheet of a corrugated cardboard-made support plate mounted in a box main body as a separate body from the box main body to support the bottles. At least four folding lines are given to the support plate to form a right-angled triangle on each of both sides. There are formed face to face opposing openings supporting a predetermined position on the bottom side of the bottle and a predetermined position on the pouring opening side with a virtual elliptical circumference cutting a central axis line in the lengthwise direction of the bottle at a predetermined tilting angle correspondingly to the number of the housed bottles. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】1枚のダンボールで構成でき、構造が簡単で収納箱に対するセッティングが容易であると共に瓶の装填も容易に行い得るものでありながら、箱をどのような方向から落下させても収納した瓶が割れる虞がないところの支持板を備えたダンボール製の瓶類収納箱を提供すること。 【解決手段】箱本体とは別体で、該箱本体内に設置されて瓶類を支承するダンボール製の一枚物の支持板を備え、該支持板に、少なくとも4本の折り目を入れて直角三角形を両側に夫々形成し、且つ、収納する瓶の本数に対応させて、瓶類の底部側の所定箇所と、注口部側の所定箇所とを、瓶類の長手方向中心軸線に対して所定の傾斜角度で切断する仮想長円周で支持するための開孔が対向して形成されているダンボール製の瓶類収納箱。 【選択図】図3




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