Electric water heater



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electric water heater capable of stopping a heater before hot water in a hot water storage tank is boiled up by keeping a circulation pump in an ON state, even when the heater continues its operation due to deposition in a relay that switches power distribution to the heater. SOLUTION: When a boil-up completion thermistor 10 detects 104°C, after the boil-up terminal thermistor 10 detects 107°C, and the circulation pump 9 is switched to the ON state, the circulation pump 9 is switched to an OFF state until the boil-up completion thermistor 10 detects 107°C again, and this processing is repeated. When a high power source-side protective device 12 detects a hot water temperature of 100°C or more, an AC power source 13 flowing in a high power source-side circuit is cut off, and power distribution to a heater 6 or a heater 7 is stopped. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】ヒータへの通電をスイッチングするリレーが溶着すると、ヒータが通電したままの状態となり、貯湯タンクに貯湯される湯水が沸騰して危険な状態となる。 【解決手段】沸上げ完了サーミスタ10が107℃を検出して循環ポンプ9をON状態とした後に、沸上げ完了サーミスタ10が104℃を検出すれば、再び沸上げ完了サーミスタ10が107℃を検出するまで循環ポンプ9をOFF状態とし、この処理を繰り返す。そして、高電源側保安器12が100℃以上の湯水温度を検知すれば、高電源側回路を流れる交流電源13の遮断を行い、ヒータ6またはヒータ7への通電が停止する。 【選択図】図3




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