Film deposition method and film deposition device practicing the same



【課題】フィールドエミッション型ランプに用いる陰極の量産性を向上すること。 【解決手段】常圧のチャンバ12内に、筒状体14を配置し、筒状体14内に導体ワイヤ28(被成膜基板)を配置し、導体ワイヤ28に第1直流負バイアスを印加しかつ筒状体14をフローティング状態とし、筒状体14内に炭化水素ガスと酸素含有ガスとを導入して筒状体14内で炭化水素ガスと酸素含有ガスとを反応させて燃焼炎38を発生させる。この燃焼炎38の発生中に筒状体14に第2直流負バイアスを印加することにより該筒状体14内に燃焼炎38をプラズマ発生トリガとして直流プラズマ40を発生させる。直流プラズマ40により炭化水素ガスを分解するとともに筒状体に対するスパッタリングで発生した金属を触媒金属として導体ワイヤ28に炭素膜42を成膜する。 【選択図】図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the mass-productivity of a cathode used for a field emission type lamp. <P>SOLUTION: A cylindrical body 14 is arranged at the inside of a chamber 12 under ordinary pressure. A conductor wire 28 (the substrate to be film-deposited) is arranged at the inside of the cylindrical body 14. A first d.c. negative bias is applied to the conductor wire 28, and also, the cylindrical body 14 is made into a floating state. A hydrocarbon gas and an oxygen-containing gas are introduced into the cylindrical body 14, and the hydrocarbon gas and the oxygen-containing gas are reacted at the inside of the cylindrical body 14, so as to generate combustion flame 38. A second d.c. negative bias is applied to the cylindrical body 14 during the generation of the combustion flame 38, thus d.c. plasma 40 is generated at the inside of the cylindrical body 14 with the combustion flame 38 as a plasma generation trigger. The hydrocarbon gas is decomposed by the d.c. plasma 40, and further, a carbon film 42 is deposited on the conductor wire 28 with the metal generated by sputtering to the cylindrical body as a catalyst metal. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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